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Facebook has been violating net neutrality through its internet.org initiative, which is a very dangerous thing. We need to send a clear message to facebook that this will not be tolerated.

internet.org is an initiative by Facebook to provide restricted free internet to mobile phone users, which will curb the competition and lead to monopoly of certain companies.

The internet needs us

Have you heard of small start-ups like Facebook and Google that became global phenomenon. The story usually goes like this belief passionate entrepreneurship and abracadabra, secret ingredients no one talks about. Well one of these secret ingredients is a level playing field, what this essentially means is that your neighbourhood tea seller could become the prime minster of your country (equal opportunity to all without discrimination). But in a country that is constantly divided by cast creed and colour, the internet seems to be last level playing field left.

The internet doesn’t care who you are or what you do, it will treat you in the same way as it treats companies like Facebook (and they don’t like that). It is because of this reason the internet is a utility for anyone and everyone. Want to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend Google it, feeling sad in a country far away from home tweet it, have something on your mind share it, can’t decide what's the meaning of your life, search for it on the internet. But there are initiatives like internet.org and Airtel Zero that want to take this away from all of us.

On the surface they seem harmless, like the nice people at Facebook will tell you internet.org is an initiative to bring internet to the people that do not have access (so nice of them and all of this for free that is awesome) well actually NO, internet .org is not the internet that will allow you to access whatever you want. You can access the stuff only the good people at Facebook allow you to (kind of the way North Korea maintains control over its citizens). A similar platform 'Airtel Zero' by Airtel will allow Airtel users to access certain content for free or at higher speeds, i.e. the sites who pay them will load faster on your phone, will be more accessible and all of this will happen without you realizing that what is happening. Not only that this also affect start-ups who can’t afford to pay your internet provider to prioritize or fast load/stream their content, this in the long run will hamper innovations as we will not have access to the full potential of the internet. There are so many things the internet can do for us things we haven’t even thought of yet, but if small innovative start-ups can’t compete on a level playing field then the internet will not be the internet.

This is something that screws with the nature of the internet it restricts your movement. BUT if you screw with the internet it will screw you back what these companies seem to have forgotten is there is no internet without people who use it YOU. We use the internet and in some ways all of us are the internet and these people have tried to screw with all of us. We won’t allow them to do this (will we) but we need the internet to save the internet and we need you to help us. This is our time! This is our internet! How can you as a netizen help the internet, you ask? It is as simple as internet, we need to send a clear and resounding message called #FBBlackout. Just deactivate your Facebook accounts on the 24th of April just for a day that will send a clear message to Facebook that it exists because of the internet and not the other way around. Send the message far and wide that no one has the right to change the internet because the internet can and will fight back.

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